Mutilated by Zombies – Scenes From the Afterlife LP

1. Headcount rising
2. Reciprocal Horror
3. Molten
4. Decontamination
5. Gutsplit

6. Eternal Hour
7. Reincarnate
8. Severely Severed
9. Behold The Demigod


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200 x 12″ Vinyl LP
100 x Oxblood
100 x Hazy Clear

Iowa’s Death Metal power trio are back with a vengeance with their sophomore album, Scenes From the Afterlife!

Mutilated By Zombies is:
Guitar/Vocals- Josh DeMuth
Bass- Jason Guler
Drums- Greg Mueller

Recorded at Romb Of The Mutilated
Mixed and mastered by J.B. Van Der Wal
Artwork by Karl Dahmer
Layout by Nestor Carrera
All songs and lyrics written by Mutilated By Zombies

Weight 700 g

Oxblood, Clear