Jesus Wept – Psychedelic Degeneracy LP


SIDE A – Psychedelic Degeneracy
1. Surgical Punishment Symmetry
2. Dispossession
3. Psychedelic Degeneracy
4. God Fetish


SIDE B – Apartheid Redux
1. Buried Face Down
2. Drowning in Holy Water
3. Hammering the Nails
4. Jesus in Chains (Father in Hell)
5. Comfortably Dumb
6. Fucked on the Cross

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“What’s crystal clear from this Detroit quartet’s new four-song offering is their Heartwork-era worship, and willingness to infuse their tunes with some melodic, Americanized crunch and plenty of groove. Yeah, Carcass are obviously a notable influence, but Jesus Wept—vocalist C. Colaianni, guitarist R. Versace, bassist/vocalist N. Barnes, drummer C. McCoy—put a surprisingly accessible spin on the death ’n’ roll here.”
– Decibel Magazine

Guilty Parties:
C. Colaianni / Vocals, Scriptures
R. Versace / Guitars
N. Barnes / Bass, Vocals
C. McCoy / Drums

All music disinterred and decomposed by Jesus Wept

Engineered at Bricktop Studios by Andy Nelson
in March of the two-thousand and twenty-first year of your Lord
Mixing and mastering by Christopher “Zeuss” Harris

Artwork by Ben DiNino (@biblioexcavations)
Jesus Wept logo by Raoul Mazzero (@viewfromthecoffin)
Photography by Chloe Whitehouse (@ohlenore_)
Layout by Nestor Carrera (@nestor.carrera)

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