Katakomba – Katakomba LP


1. Damnatio Ad Bestias
2. Katakomba
3. Tomb of the Desecrated
4. Sacrifice
5. Skärseld
6. Worship Death
7. Embalmed in Conrete
8. Death Opus
9. Left for the Vultures to Feed

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Katakomba is a death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Combining later era Entombed with the menacing technicallity of acts such as Morbid Angel, Katakomba look to add something exciting and catchy to the extreme underground metal scene.


Anton Bryvall – Lead guitar
Ernst Eklund – Drums, backing vocals
Fabian Brodén – Lead vocals, bass, percussion, additional guitar leads
Leo Kulle Häll – Rhythm guitars
Mats Andersson – Guest solo on Damnatio Ad Bestias
Adrian Selmani – Guest vocals on Damnatio Ad Bestias
Niklas Sandin – Guest solo on Embalmed in Concrete
Tomas Åkvik – Guest vocals on Embalmed in Concrete
Jakob Isaksson – Guest vocals on Left for the Vultures To Feed

All music by Katakomba Recorded

 Produced and mixed by Fabian Brodén at Studio Stugan in Stockholm, Sweden (studiostugan.com)

Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios (unisound.se)

 All Lyrics by Ernst Eklund except Tomb of the Desecrated which is written by Anton Bryvall Artwork by Sebastian Manuel Graneberg (sebastiangraneberg.weebly.com)

Bandphoto by Velvet Jenny Drakefall at Necrinity Art

Layout by Nestor Carrera

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