Eternal Evil – The Warrior’s Awakening Brings The Unholy Slaughter LP


1. Succubus
2. Bestial Fornication
3. Terror Of The Sphinx
4. The Captors Command
5. Minotaur Of Evil
6. The Nocturnal Omen
7. Satanic Forces
8. Rise Of Death
9. Eternal Evil
10. Witch’s Spell


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“The Swedish quartet worship at the altars of the first wave of black metal and Teutonic thrash, sinking their teeth into the classic style with enthusiasm and gusto on debut album The Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy Slaughter….If names like Kreator, Venom, Sodom and Coroner send a chill down your spine, then Eternal Evil’s The Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy Slaughter is your jam.”
– Decibel Magazine

“It’s a headbanger from the first second, and will have you terrorizing your neighbors, roommates, and families with punishing beats, annihilating riffs, and razor-sharp vocals. This is an aural bloodbath that will leave no ears alive in its wake! ”

“Packed with moments that are bound to trigger nostalgia about the first time you discovered thrash metal, these Swedish teens’ debut taps into the same infectious energy that gave the genre its push into the spotlight so many

Adrian Tobar – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Jacob Livåg – Bass
Tobias Lindström – Lead Guitar
Alphonse Bouquelon – Drums

All songs written by Eternal Evil
Recorded in March 2021 at Studio Humbucker.
Mixed and Mastered by Robert Pehrsson.
Photos shot by William Coutts.
Cover artwork by Velio Josto.
Layout by Nestor Carrera.

Weight 450 g


Vinyl Variant

Red, Splatter