Bear Mace – Charred Field Of Slaughter LP


1. Hibernation – Destroyed By Bears 05:15
2. Rogue Weapon 04:01
3. Xenomorphic Conquest 05:06
4. Let Crack The Whip 03:29
5. Charred Field Of Slaughter 04:34
6. Plague Storm 04:13
7. From The Sky Rains Hell 04:53
8. Brain Rot 03:06


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BEAR MACE is made up of veteran members of the Chicago metal scene including November’s Doom, Wolvhammer, Pulchra Morte , and Hatemonger .

The band originally self-released their latest album, CHARRED FIELD OF SLAUGHTER, in August of 2020 to much critical acclaim, and now Redefining Darkness Records are giving the album an official label release!

Imagine BOLT THROWER w/ DEMILICH vocals – listen for yourself…

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