Sentient Horror – Morbid Realms CD


1. Call of Ancient Gods 06:35
2. Bound to Madness 04:36
3. Sworn to the Dead 03:47
4. Reanimated 04:03
5. Ripped from Hell 02:15
6. Loss of Existence 03:19
7. Black Wings of Delirium 03:32
8. Obsessive Killing Disorder 03:49
9. Morbid Realms 05:33 video
10. Cemetary Slaughter 04:04


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” It’s a dynamic rager from a band who seem determined to take on the world. With flashy guitar lines roaring out over chainsaw guitars, Sentient Horror show their songwriting has only improved with this latest effort. ‘Call Of Ancient Gods’ acts as a logical growth on the previous work from the band. There is an intensity here that fascinates the listener. By the time the track wraps up it’s clear that Sentient Horror have unleashed a bona fide pit starter.”
– Metal Injection

“Sentient Horror are an intense listen, and moreover a fun one. They are a band who careen forward with breakneck rhythms and flashy leads. They are aware of the inherent fun of death metal, but their approach remains very serious and down to earth. Morbid Realms is a banger, it’s vicious and over the top. The scream that kicks off album opener Call Of Ancient Gods lets you know exactly what you are in for and it’s hard not to be enamored. So join us in the bloodthirsty pit, you know you’re going to love it.”
– Two Guys Metal Reviews

Sentient Horror is:
Matt Moliti – lead guitar, vocals
Jon Lopez – rhythm guitar
Tyler Butkovsky – bass

All words by Matt Moliti.
All music by Matt Moliti, except for Obsessive Killing Disorder which is music by Matt Moliti and Jon LopezDrums by Sean Meyers

Produced and Engineered by Matt Moliti in Bloomingdale, NJ USA.
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB Finspång, Sweden.

Cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano Rosado
Live photography by Yves Metze, Sascha Wölker, and Peter Bednár
Original Band photos by Ryan Longton
Layout by Nestor Carrera
SENTIENT HORROR logo by Patrik Tegnander (Chainsaw Design)

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