Oxygen Destroyer – Guardian of the Universe CD [PRE-ORDER]


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1. Guardian of the Universe (The FInal Hope)
2. Drawing Power from the Empathetic Priestess of Tranquility
3. Shadow of Evil
4. Thy Name is Legion
5. Eradicating the Symbiotic Hive Mind Entity from Beyond the Void
6. Nightmarish Visions of the Devil’s Envoy
7. Awaking the Malevolent Destroyer of the Heavens and Earth
8. Bansihing the Iris of Sempiternal Tenebrosity
9. Extreminating the Ravenous Horde of Perpetual Darkness and Annihilation


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500 x CD

Oxygen Destroyer’s long awaited 3rd album sees the band at their most vicious and ferocious!!!

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