The Bleeding – Morbid Prophecy [Deluxe Edition] CD


1. Demonic Oath
2. Maelstrom
3. Entering the Pandemonium
4. Morbid Prophecy
5. Storm of the Hellspawn
6. Sadistic Savior
7. Repentance
8. Hammer of Penance
9. Sacrificial Onslaught
10. Demonic Oath [Demo]
11. Rites of Abolution [Live]
12. Storm of the Hellspawn [Live]


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“A truly blistering sophomore effort that expands upon the ferocity of their previous album in many exciting new directions, further defining their own distinctive and sharp approach.” – Invisible Oranges

“The Bleeding unleashes sonic oblivion with some of the most violent and virulent riffs you’re ever likely to hear ” (8.5/10) – Ave Noctum

“This band is a force to be reckoned with. Intense riffs, fierce vocals and punishing drums are all to be found on the latest full-length from The Bleeding.” (8/10) Excellent – Metal Temple

“Favorite Tracks; Yea, I started listing tracks here only to stop realizing I was listing the whole damn album! Suffice it to say, this delivers throughout.” (90%) -CultMetalFlix, Abrasive Audio “…jammed packed with shredding riffs, catchy vocals, face melting solos and melodies that jump out and stick with you.” (4/5) -Brutalism

“… here the thrash / death metal drumstick was swung to my taste!…” (9/10) -Hellfire-Magazin

“A skull-crushing album.” (8/10) – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life “Sure to appeal to fans of Goatwhore, Kreator and Revocation.” – Heavy Music Headquarters “Morbid Prophecy by The Bleeding is a tremendous album.” (9/10) -Hated One Metal Reviews

“Donde la furia de unos riffs brutales guardan temas sobre la desesperación y la destrucción del ser humano, con claras influencias de bandas como SLAYER, DEATH, DEICIDE o KREATOR, alternando pasajes death metaleros con otros thrasher repletos de violencia musical.” (8/10) -Necromance Digital Magazine

“Bearing all the hallmarks of the thrash greats; Kreator, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Slayer, Death and so on, The Bleeding put their own stamp on the thrash genre and have delivered a soundtrack to make our descent into the abyss very enjoyable one indeed.” – Astral Noize

“Following up on an acclaimed album is always a hard thing to do but The Bleeding have done it with the merciless precision you would only expect from this London death crew. Storming!” (8/10) – Musipedia of Metal

“A headbanging good time for enthusiastic headbangers and moshers.” – Metal Bulletin Zine «Riffs intensos, voces feroces y batería punzante» -Dioses del Metal

“En ses séduisantes extrémités, “Morbid Prophecy” propose un Death/Thrash sulfureux et grisant, fils de Defleshed et Dimension Zero.” -COREandCO

“.. a monstrous impact force that makes the walls of Jericho explode. Perfect, intensive Death Thrash. Mandatory purchase.” – Apocalyptic Rites recenzje

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