Oxygen Destroyer: Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death CD


1. Born of Nuclear Energy
2. Cleansing the Earth of Human Existence
3. Onslaught of the Precambrian Hordes
4. Subsumed within the Bowels of the Perennial Monstrosity
5. Summoning the Moth of Divinity
6. Vanquished by the Unrelenting Devastation of the Celestial Behemoth
7. Bio-Mechanically Imprisoning the Sacred Beast of the Apocalypse
8. Supersonic Devastator
9. Death to the False King
10. Atomic Breath
11. Cyclopean Razorbeast
12. Desiccated by Parasitic Arthropods

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Comes in a jewel case w/ a 6 page booklet w/ killer artwork from Sebastian “Necromogarip” Mazuera!!! – Includes REMASTER of the album featured on the vinyl version. Remastered by John Bart Van Der Wal, Hewwetover Studios, Netherlands Includes 2 bonus tracks – – Cyclopean Razorbeast – Desiccated by Parasitic Arthropods Originally appeared on the ‘Category III Kaiju’Split with VHS released by Headsplit Records Recorded by Cody Brumlow at Metalsmiths 2019. Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Hoffman.

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