Alchemy of Flesh – By Will Alone LP


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1. Meteor Hammer
2. The Godhead of Self
3. Other Eden
4. Earth Dragon Totality
5. Labyrinthine Fortress
6. An Erratic Existence
7. Unmaker
8. Immuration
9. Origin of Suffering


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Alchemy of Flesh is a Death Metal band who worship at the altar of the legendary Florida scene. Consciously side-stepping the overwhelming Swede-death aping or primitive caveman worship of many of the modern death metal bands, Alchemy Of Flesh have crafted a sound that is exciting, devastating and deliciously over the top. The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Tim Rowland (Lothric, Woccon), Alchemy Of Flesh is dedicated to the sort of full on Death Metal assault that makes the genre so worthwhile. While the band’s sound pays tribute to Morbid Angel above all, discerning listeners will also hear the influence of classic acts like Monstrosity, Angelcorpse, and Hate Eternal.

Regarding the making of By Will Alone, Tim shared,
“This new record was written and recorded during a really tough time in my life. Major and unexpected changes hit me and I used this creative process as a way to work through the tides of emotions. I named the album By Will Alone because that’s how I felt it came about; an act of pure will pushing through the biggest of life’s challenges. It was a way to prove to myself that I can be resilient no matter what may arise.

In comparison to the debut album, this one is a lot more intense and demanding. It’s all 6-string this time around, tuned to D-standard, so it’s a lot more riff-y and quick compared to the low tuned and mid-tempo pace of the first album. The drumming was significantly more of challenge to perform this time around too and I made a point to put it front and center. A lot of the lyrical content is based on Eastern spiritually and mythology, along with some video game themes just like the first album – Amnesia and Doom specifically. “

Album produced by Tim Rowland
All lyrics and vocals written and performed by Tim Rowland
All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Tim Rowland
Mastered by JB Van Der Wal

Artwork by Mario Lopez
Layout by Nestor Carrera
Logo by Lord Tetrarch

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