Vehemence – God Was Created CD


01. Made Her For Jesus
02. She Never Noticed Me
03. Fantasy From Pain
04. Christ, I Fucking Hate You
05. Lusting For Affection
06. The Last Fantasy Of Christ
07. I Didn’t Kill Her
08. God Was Created
09. I Must Not Live
10. The Lord’s Work


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Originally released by Metal Blade Records on June 4th, 2002, God Was Created breathed new life into U.S. Death Metal scene that had become boring & stagnant and would lay the foundation for a new generation of bands to come. No band had been able to successfully bridge the gap between the more melodic European style and the more brutal U.S. sound until this release. For the first time ever, Redefining Darkness Records, will be releasing this spectacular album on wax in the form of a Gatefold 2xLP and on CD!!!

“Gather round, I have a story for ye. Back in 2002, a Phoenix-based death metal group called Vehemence released an album called God Was Created, a work that escaped widespread popularity to essentially become the little engine that could – a cult classic of the genre, if you will. Far from conventional, Created had an odd sound that was melodic without a hint of Gothenburg, preferring instead riffs that combined the open-strummed hardiness of Arghoslent with the evocative melodies of Intestine Baalism. More importantly, it showed a band tossing aside genre conventions to let blossom their bizarre vision and ambition. A concept album about a young man’s fatal obsession with a devoutly religious schoolgirl, Created combined acoustic strumming, sullen spoken word, and guitarwork that alternated between demented and achingly gorgeous, all into an hour-long journey of sexual Jesus fantasies and necrophilia.’
– Angry Metal Guy ( )

“When I reviewed the album here in 2002, I gushed over it, even calling it a classic then, and that it would elbow its way onto my list of favorite death metal albums of all time (which I still feel) something a post 2000 album was yet to do at the time (and still hasn’t done), and comparing it to Entombed’s Left Hand Path. And you know what? I stand by all of it. Twelve years later, the album holds up extremely well and though it seemed to divide critics and fans alike back then, I think, without a doubt, now, it holds up as a new classic, and no classic goes without controversy.”
– Teeth of the Divine ( )

“This record is a must for fans of extreme metal. Even those who are not into the brutal death style will still be able to find something they like in “God Was Created”. It is one of those death metal releases that sidesteps sub genres and just offers good music. This record can appeal to any Dark Tranquillity fan as much as it can to any fan of Nile or Cannibal Corpse. I truly believe this to be without a doubt the best extreme metal release this year!” -Metal Bite ( )

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