Mortal Vision – Mind Manipulation CD


1. Mind Manipulation 04:58
2. Eternal Hatred 04:44
3. Apophenia 03:48
4. Raw Poison 04:18
5. Condemned to Death 04:04
6. Possessed 04:02
7. Forced Extermination 03:45
8. Devastated Existence 03:41


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In 2019, MORTAL VISION released their first demo, Madness of Messiah, through Take This Torch Records (NL), which was re-released by us here at Redefining Darkness with a new mix and master in May 2021. It is a blistering frenetic whirlwind of fast and furious riffs, a chaotic battery of drumming, complimented by a vicious vocal attack! If you closed your eyes and listened you would swear it came out of Brasil in 1987.

In February of 2021, the band released a brand new single, Forced Extermination, accompanied by a music video that absolutely upped the ante on what they achieved on their demo just a couple years earlier. The combination of the two got our attention and we knew there was something truly special here…

To put it simply, MORTAL VISION are an absolute force! This is Schizophrenia-era Sepultura meets Persecution Mania-era Sodom at it’s finest created by a very unlikely source. While there is an endless sea of Thrash revivalist worldwide, few bands possess the same hunger, fervor, and authenticity exhibited here. These 4 young Ukrainian’s have delivered a case study in Thrash Metal with their full length debut, Mind Manipulation. MORTAL VISION have come to chop f*cking heads!

Eugene Zakharchenko – Drums
Ivan Dyshlyuk – Guitar/Vox
Andrey Gayduk – Lead Guitar
Ivan Gorbatyuk – Bass

All songs/lyrics written by MORTAL VISION
Vocal recorded by Ivan Dyshlyuk
Guitars recorded by Andrey Gayduk
Bass recorded by Ivan Gorbatyuk
Drums recorded by Eugene Zakharchenko
Intro for “Mind Manipulation” by Andrey Gayduk, Eugene Zakharchenko
Lyrics fragment in the song “Condemned To Death” from the movie “Apocalypse Now” (1979)
Studio recording by Arthur Dendrolog, Ivan Gorbatyuk, Andrey Gayduk
Mixed by Nikita Yudin
Mastered by Nikita Yudin
Artwork by Anton “Skipper” Levenko
Layout by Nestor Carrera
Photography by Eugene Danilenko

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