Machinations of Fate – Celestial Prophecies MC


Follow the Ignis Fatuus
A Split Second of Divinity
Celestial Prophecies
Cosmic Womb


To Gaze Upon Venomous Horizons
Void Indoctrination Ritual
Of Deimos & Phobos


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Cincinnati/ Kentucky Death/Thrash maniacs, MACHINATIONS OF FATE, self-released their Tyrannous Skies demo way back in 2012 and Redefining Darkness Records re-released the albumin 2020 with new drum tracks, a new mix and new master to critical acclaim:

“If the Children of Bodom riffs/vox don’t get you, then the thrashy death-like, Power Trip-esque sections are sure to. ”
– Metal Trenches

“Machinations Of Fate have punched hard and will no doubt appeal to those who dine on Dissection, Kreator and the like. Whether they can make an impact on an ever-shrinking pond of opportunity is debatable but for now, this is a solid thrash/death metal album.”
– Musipedia of Metal

The band are finally back with a brand new release and their strongest material to date!

For Fans of : Dissection, Ophthalamia, and Sacramentum

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