Kryptik Mutation – Pulled from the Pit CD


1. Placentapede
2. Empires of Galactic Misery
3. Brain Splatter
4. Demon’s Crest
5. Blistering Blow
6. Dying to Rot
7. Tied Under a Buzz Saw
8. Sacrifice and Pulverize

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In an article published by Decibel Magazine, vocalist Christopher De Leon explains the ooze from which they came..

“Pulled From the Pit is an album made for fans of brutal sounds over not-so serious topics. Taking inspiration from all kinds of fun and gory things visually while taking in inspiration musically through our favorite bands growing up. That formula is what we ball up together as a band and then roll with for the Kryptik Mutation sound and vibe. It’s Tales from the Crypt meets Suffocation; it’s Alien vs. Predator meets Morbid Angel; it’s Splatterhouse crossed with Municipal Waste! We are a horror movie playing through your eardrums. We are a scary tale being told to you in the dark. And we are revving up a chainsaw to tear up riffs to serve for everyone who loves headbanging to death metal and circle pitting to thrash!”

“There are times when you just need to go over the top. In fact, sometimes you need to go so far over the top that you go hurtling eyeball-first into a mutant beast’s death pit and end up as a not particularly long-lasting lawn ornament there. These are the times when you need Kryptik Mutation in your life, whose quick-hitting death metal takes notes from the energy and pace of thrash metal, but girds itself with the bludgeoning tones of slam and death metal for excruciating impact.”
– Invisible Oranges

“Listening to Texas’ Kryptik Mutation conveys their attitude pretty well: never too concerned with what’s allowed and more with what’s fun, they mix 90s death metal with thrash, a smattering of brutal death, and even some grindcore.”
– Toilet ov Hell

“A killer debut from a very promising band.”
– Metal Crypt

Kryptik Mutation is:
Christopher ‘ThrashHeavy’ De Leon
Jon Trevino – Guitar
Fred Gonzalez – Guitar
Efren Trevino – Bass
Dan “Blast” Garcia – Drums

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